L2SOTM — The Longparish 2nd Sunday Of The Month (handicap race)

Notes for Helpers

Preparing a Finishers' List

To help David get the results out with least ado, please print out this page for recording the results.

The greyed-out columns are for David to use later; ignore them for now.

Putting out the signs

Tools needed and supplied:

There are three types of signs:

(A) - an Arrow with a running man


(KM) - a Kilometre marker

They are mostly attached with cables ties to a plastic stick and trodden into the ground; a few are attached with cable ties to railings. The name and number of the location are written on the back of the first two types of sign.

The km markers arrived after the signs had been set up, so they just have to slot in between the numbered locations.

Location 1: Southside Road/Sugar Lane crossroads with main road (2 signs):
1 KM marker:
Location 2: Southside Farm (3 signs):
2 KMS marker:
Location 3: Larkwhistle/Cleeves crossroads (2 signs on one stick):
Location 4: Cleeves (1 sign):
3 KMS marker:
Location 5: East Aston/main road (2 signs):
4 KMS marker:
Location 6: Mill Lane/main road (1 sign):
Location 7: Cricket Ground entrance (3 signs):
5 KMS marker and FINISH sign:
Location 8: Playpark (1 sign):

And that’s all there is to it. It takes the Goulds about 20-25 minutes to set up now, but they’ve had a bit of practice. It was about double that the first time.