L2SOTM — The Longparish 2nd Sunday Of The Month (handicap race)

Current Course Records

Date Category Number Name Run Time
2007-10-14 F 5 Alice Evans 19:15
2019-01-13 J 369 Jake Dinkele 19:34
2012-11-11 M 142 Mike Ellicock 17:16

It should be remembered that, although these are the quickest runs seen to date, the monthly trophies are awarded for improvement. It is, indeed, much harder for the quickest of runners to improve their times enough to challenge an up and coming relative beginner.

Most Persistent Runners

Here are the runners who have run the most times in their category.

Category Number Name Runs
F 9 Wendy Beveridge 100
J 266 Frankie Arnold 22
M 7 Jeremy Barber 147

Most Improved Runners

The most improved runners are those who improve their times the most. Generally, this means the first man and woman over the line who ran off a 'real' handicap (not an estimated time). There have been odd exceptions to that. Finding them is left as an exercise for the reader.

Us oldies got a bit fed up of the youngsters stealing our trophies so, starting with the race of 2012-05-13, the category 'Junior' was awarded its own Rising Star trophy.

While winning the 'most improved' trophy is a combination of hard work and the luck of who else is running that day, it is heartening to review the results and to see how much so many of our runners have improved, so a big hand to all.

Date Female Male Junior
2024-04-14 Alice Evans Dave Henery Alexander Kidd
2024-03-10   Luke Pierce Megan Brunwin
2024-02-11 Jo Clare Ian Beveridge Megan Brunwin
2024-01-14 Claire Collier Dave Henery Charlie Grant
2023-12-10 Sandra Doney Dennis Doney  
2023-11-12 Jo Clare Mike Dukes Charlie Grant
2023-10-08   Luke Pierce Freddie Brown
2023-09-10 Caroline Sutton Dave Henery  
2023-08-13   Mark Curtis  
2023-07-09 Elizabeth Benedetto Mike Dukes  
2023-06-11 Christina Searle Jeremy Barber Sam Hunt
2023-05-14 Claire Collier Luke Pierce Sam Hunt
2023-04-09 Sandra Doney Darrell Waite Sam Hunt
2023-03-12 Sandra Doney Andy Smith  
2023-02-12 Caroline Sutton Dave Henery  
2023-01-08 Claire Collier Jeremy Barber  
2022-12-11 Sandra Doney Dennis Doney  
2022-11-13 Jo Clare Mark Curtis  
2022-10-09 Rebekah Searle James Masters  
2022-09-11 Rebekah Searle Dave Henery  
2022-08-14 Christina Searle Dennis Doney Sam Hunt
2022-06-12 Christina Searle Raymond Searle  
2022-05-08 Jen Fradgley Adam Priestley  
2022-03-13 Natalie Morley Ian Beveridge Freddie Brown
2022-02-13 Blaithin O'Dea Max Wiseman Freddie Brown
2022-01-09 Laura Reynolds Adam Priestley  
2021-12-12 Ela Shaw James Masters Elizabeth Brown
2021-11-14 Jo Clare James Masters  
2021-10-10 Laura Reynolds Luke Pierce  
2021-09-12 Jo Clare Lee Gregory  
2021-08-08 Sandra Doney Wojtek Majka  
2021-07-11 Blaithin O'Dea Ian Beveridge  
2021-06-13 Claire Collier Graeme Johnson  
2021-05-09 Jo Clare Dave Henery  
2020-12-13 Sylvia Crook Jeremy Barber  
2020-10-11 Sylvia Crook Lee Gregory  
2020-09-13 Sandra Doney Ian Beveridge  
2020-08-09 Jacqui Healey Luke Pierce  
2020-03-08 Wendy Beveridge Dennis Doney Montaigne "Monty" Lawson
2020-01-12 Sheila Evans Dave Henery Freddie Brown
2019-12-08 Sandra Doney Luke Pierce Billy Reynolds
2019-11-10 Fiona Teasdale Ian Beveridge Freddie Brown
2019-10-13 Wendy Beveridge Colin Teasdale Belle White
2019-09-08 Joanne Wyatt Jeremy Barber Pollyanna Reynolds
2019-08-11 Claire Collier Ian Beveridge Pollyanna Reynolds
2019-07-14 Sheila Evans Dennis Doney Freddie Brown
2019-06-09 Claire Collier Dave Henery Billy Reynolds
2019-05-12 Alice Evans Freddie Lawson Flora McAllister
2019-04-14 Wendy Beveridge Oliver Quantick Noah Johnson
2019-03-10 Wendy Beveridge Oliver Fryer Lulu Hibbert
2019-02-10 Laura Reynolds Roger Bradley Elizabeth Brown
2019-01-13 Julie Dinkele Jim Dundas Elizabeth Brown
2018-12-09 Sandra Doney Luke Pierce  
2018-11-18 Jacqui Healey Dave Henery Billy Reynolds
2018-10-14 Claire Collier Rick Smith Elizabeth Brown
2018-09-09 Sheila Evans Mike Dukes  
2018-08-12 Claire Collier Mike Dukes Charlie Hillier
2018-07-08 Carol Bradwell Jesper Strøier Evie Hillier
2018-06-10 Jacqui Healey Robert Bryan Charlie Hillier
2018-05-13 Sarah King James Billingham Frankie Arnold
2018-04-08 Sheila Evans Paul Fielding Arthur Hibbert
2018-03-11 Wendy Beveridge David Gould Lulu Hibbert
2018-02-11 Lucy Finlay Jack Dundas Lulu Hibbert
2018-01-14 Paula Mottley Dave Henery  
2017-12-10 Gina Graham Ian Beveridge Wilf Hillier
2017-11-12 Sandra Doney Dave Henery Rose Billingham
2017-10-08 Paula Mottley Tad Filip Frankie Arnold, Arthur Hibbert
2017-09-10 Paula Mottley James Billingham Frankie Arnold
2017-08-13 Linda Noke Nick Collier Evie Hillier
2017-07-09 Elizabeth Gant Nicholas Mulberry Luke Sanderson
2017-06-11 Angela Dewey Jalal Janmohamed Luke Sanderson
2017-05-14 Laura Reynolds David Wearn Lauren Beal
2017-04-09 Jen Mulberry Jalal Janmohamed Tabbie Tatton Brown
2017-03-12 Alice Evans James Masters Pollyanna Reynolds
2017-02-12 Lucy Finlay Lee Gregory Pollyanna Reynolds
2017-01-08 Katie King Dave Henery Frankie Arnold
2016-12-11 Sandra Doney Mark Curtis Frankie Arnold
2016-11-13 Sheila Evans Ian Beveridge Frankie Arnold
2016-10-09 Wendy Beveridge Tony Reid Stephen Williams
2016-09-11 Toni Jewell Christopher Edwards Stephen Williams
2016-08-14 Angela Dewey Lance Mitchell Archie Waite
2016-07-10 Sandra Doney Adam Vaughan Frankie Arnold
2016-06-12 Sonia Whiteman Dave Henery Mikey Sykes
2016-05-08 Kate Tatton-Brown Richard Arnold Katie Evans
2016-04-10 Wendy Beveridge Lee Gregory Pollyanna Reynolds
2016-03-13 Joanne Wyatt Dennis Doney Jenson Paddy
2016-02-14 Sandra Doney Dennis Doney Lucie Nelson
2016-01-10 Joanne Wyatt David Gould Joe Goldsmith
2015-12-13 Alice Evans David Harper Lucie Nelson
2015-11-08 Camilla Janmohamed Nick Moss Mikey Sykes
2015-10-11 Joanne Wyatt Ian Beveridge Luke Sanderson
2015-09-13 Jacqui Healey Dave Henery Archie Waite
2015-08-09 Marija Davis Matthew Rowe Archie Waite
2015-07-12 Wendy Beveridge Derrick Gardiner Archie Waite
2015-06-14 Angela Dewey Derrick Gardiner Daniel Sanderson
2015-05-10 Wendy Beveridge Andy Smith Daniel Sanderson
2015-04-12 Sandra Jones Derrick Gardiner Magnus Strøier
2015-03-08 Angela Dewey Jim Dundas Jenson Paddy
2015-02-08 Sandra Jones Dave Henery Nina Smith
2015-01-11 Camilla Janmohamed Robert Bryan Evie Hillier
2014-12-14 Elizabeth Prince Andy Smith Kian Timms
2014-11-09 Alice Evans Jeremy Barber Wilf Hillier
2014-10-12 Alice Evans Ian Beveridge Daniel Sanderson
2014-09-14 Sonia Whiteman David Gould Ben Evans
2014-08-10 Wendy Beveridge Dave Henery Nina Smith
2014-07-13 Marija Davis James Field Tabbie Tatton Brown
2014-06-08 Sarah King Dave Henery Magnus Strøier
2014-05-11 Marija Davis Ian Beveridge Wilf Hillier
2014-04-13 Katie King Jim Dundas  
2014-03-09 Wendy Beveridge James Masters Magnus Strøier
2014-02-09 Elizabeth Prince Dave Henery Evie Hillier
2014-01-12 Rachel Waite Matt Simmons Magnus Strøier
2013-12-08 Rachel Waite Jeremy Barber  
2013-11-10 Rachel Waite Jim Dundas Wilf Hillier
2013-10-13 Wendy Beveridge Ben Jewell Eleanor Nelson
2013-09-08 Jeanette Strøier Ben Jewell  
2013-08-11 Elizabeth Prince Michael Delauney Victoria Goldsmith
2013-07-14 Jacqui Healey Simeon Evans, Rob Biggs  
2013-06-09 Sonia Whiteman Jim Dundas Magnus Strøier
2013-05-12 Sarah Nelson Christopher Edwards Evie Hillier
2013-04-14 Alice Evans Jeremy Barber Katie Evans
2013-03-10 Jeanette Strøier Chris Vincent Ben Evans
2013-02-10 Alice Evans David Roebuck Magnus Strøier
2013-01-13 Alice Evans David Roebuck Victoria Goldsmith
2012-12-09 Katie King Jim Dundas  
2012-11-11 Alice Evans Dave Henery  
2012-10-14 Wendy Beveridge Simeon Evans, Ian Beveridge  
2012-09-09 Jacqui Healey Ian Beveridge Katie Nelson
2012-08-12 Jacqui Healey Ian Blundell Katie Nelson
2012-07-08 Tabitha or Ben (buggy) Mayon-White Simeon Evans, Dave Henery  
2012-06-10 Alice Evans Ian Blundell Ben Evans
2012-05-13 Sheila Evans Simeon Evans, Jim Dundas  
2012-04-08 Katie King Ian Beveridge  
2012-03-11 Alice Evans Ian Beveridge  
2012-02-12 Kerry Loon Ian Beveridge  
2012-01-08 Kerry Loon Ian Beveridge  
2011-12-11 Sheila Evans   Matthieu Rident
2011-11-13 Liz Mayon-White Dave Henery  
2011-10-09 Tabitha or Ben (buggy) Mayon-White Glynne Evans  
2011-09-11 Carol Dunford Mike Sleath  
2011-08-14 Teri Callus Callum McNeice  
2011-07-10 Leyanne McNeice Callum McNeice  
2011-06-12 Leyanne McNeice Dave Henery  
2011-05-08 Jacqui Healey Jim Dundas  
2011-04-10 Sandra Jones Andy Smith  
2011-03-13 Carol Dunford Jack Dundas  
2011-02-13 Elizabeth Prince Dave Henery  
2011-01-09 Jacqui Healey Louis Collard  
2010-12-12 Leyanne McNeice Nick Ruffe  
2010-11-14 Leyanne McNeice David Gould  
2010-10-10 Katie King Colin McNeice  
2010-09-12 Katie King Alan Montague-Dennis  
2010-08-08 Nicolette Walshe Dave Henery  
2010-07-11 Alice Evans Rob Biggs  
2010-06-13 Sandra Jones Jeremy Barber  
2010-05-09 Jacqui Healey John Young  
2010-04-11 Jacqui Healey Rob Biggs  
2010-03-14 Sandra Jones, Jacqui Healey, Alice Evans Jeffrey Wiseman  
2010-02-14 Wendy Ellicock Kieron Parnell  
2009-12-13 Katie King Jeremy Barber  
2009-11-08 Katie King Jeffrey Wiseman  
2009-10-11 Alice Evans John Ellicock  
2009-09-13 Claire ffolkes Andy Hawke  
2009-08-09 Sue Sheath Min Spooner  
2009-07-12 Alice Evans Andrew Gibson  
2009-06-14 Fiona Gould Andrew Gibson  
2009-05-10 Alice Evans Alan Montague-Dennis  
2009-04-12 Sandra Jones Jeffrey Wiseman  
2009-03-08 Liz Mayon-White Rob Biggs  
2009-01-11 Liz Mayon-White Jonathan Evans  
2008-12-14 Wendy Beveridge Jeremy Barber  
2008-11-09 Liz Mayon-White Jeremy Barber  
2008-10-12 Sam West Ian Beveridge  
2008-09-14 Sandra Jones John Scott  
2008-08-10 Wendy Beveridge David Gould  
2008-07-13 Wendy Beveridge Jeremy Barber  
2008-06-08 Fiona Jewkes Ian Beveridge  
2008-05-11 Claire Walker-Lloyd James Field  
2008-04-13 Wendy Beveridge David Wearn  
2008-03-09 Di Leeson Rob Biggs, Andy Smith  
2008-02-10 Sarah Nelson, Wendy Beveridge Andy Smith  
2008-01-13 Katie King Ian Beveridge  
2007-12-09 Sandra Jones Martin Lampard  
2007-11-11 Wendy Beveridge David Gould  
2007-10-14 Fiona Gould Martin Lampard  
2007-09-09 Sarah Nelson James Billingham  
2007-08-12 Elizabeth Prince Trevor Elkins  
2007-07-08 Sarah Nelson Jeremy Barber  
2007-06-10 Sandra Jones Andy ffolkes  
2007-05-13 Rachel Parkins Andrew Parkins  
2007-04-08 Pam Raynsford Ian Beveridge  
2007-03-11 Fiona Jewkes John Young  
2007-02-11 Sarah Nelson Andy Smith  
2007-01-14 Fiona Gould James Field  
2006-12-10 Fiona Gould Rob Biggs  
2006-11-12   John Scott  

Course Records through the ages

Here you can see the development of the course records.

Rising Stars

Date Category Number Name Run Time
2019-01-13 J 369 Jake Dinkele 19:34
2012-05-13 J 110 Matthieu Rident 19:49
2011-12-11 J 110 Matthieu Rident 19:59
2011-03-13 J 110 Matthieu Rident 20:35
2011-01-09 J 110 Matthieu Rident 21:10
2010-05-09 J 100 Ben Evans 23:12


Date Category Number Name Run Time
2007-10-14 F 5 Alice Evans 19:15
2007-03-11 F 5 Alice Evans 19:21


Date Category Number Name Run Time
2012-11-11 M 142 Mike Ellicock 17:16
2012-02-12 M 142 Mike Ellicock 17:51
2012-01-08 M 141 Chris Dewey 18:25
2011-05-08 M 116 Carl McNeice 18:26
2010-04-11 M 99 Richard Hoad 18:35
2009-06-14 M 40 Jonathan Evans 18:45
2009-01-11 M 40 Jonathan Evans 18:55
2008-01-13 M 40 Jonathan Evans 19:02
2007-09-09 M 40 Jonathan Evans 19:19
2006-10-08 M 6 Stewart Roberts 19:34