L2SOTM — The Longparish 2nd Sunday Of The Month (handicap race)

Race Results

Race held on Sunday 14th April 2024

Position Cat. Name Number Start Time Finish Time Run Time Adjustment Faster than
Last Run
Start Time
to date
1JAlexander Kidd44900:00 31:1231:1204:48--04:481
2MDave Henery10610:5735:4224:4500:1801:1011:15125
3MAndy Smith405:1736:1430:57-00:14-00:1405:03102
4MJeremy Barber704:1036:1932:09-00:1900:5403:51147
5MAndy Mountain43713:3936:3522:56-00:3500:5013:098
6MMike Dukes33601:1636:3835:22-00:38-00:3800:4629
7MLuke Pierce27113:2536:5023:25-00:50-00:5012:5571
8FAlice Evans514:1737:0322:46-01:03-00:5713:4786
9MKarl Gailer23011:4337:2925:46-01:29-01:2911:138
10MRaymond Searle40413:5537:3723:42-01:37-01:3713:2512
11MLee Gregory25012:5438:2225:28-02:2205:2312:2436
12JHenry Kidd45000:00 38:5538:55-02:55---02:551
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There is an album of photos you can look at.